Read Books, Talk Books, Think Books. Books Make you Sexy.

Right, I have a confession to make; I stole the title of this article. I stole it because it’s brilliant.

Why is it brilliant? Because it’s true.

It was stolen from the Brighton Book Festival which is coming to Brighton this weekend.

I met Ian Jones, one of the Directors a few weeks ago, he was brimming with enthusiasm about the event. He clearly loves reading and collaboration with his team. Most impressively, Ian and the team are using the event to raise money for worthwhile causes.

The event (called Bookstock; think 60s Woodstock based around writing) caters for everyone’s tastes. Below is a selection of what’s on offer, although I recommend that you check out the website yourself and try to attend some sessions.

How to get published by Isabel Losada

If anyone knows how to get published, Isabel Losada should do! From reading through her old rejection letters to a sketch where she compares selling a book to selling a broom. It certainly sounds like an interesting and informative evening.

Follow your heart…finding purpose in your life and work

Ian will be giving this one hour talk, based on his favourite self-help book. The talk will explore the content of this popular read which might help with making the right career moves.

Alice in Wonderland vs Captain Ahab

Need a helping hand to get into creative writing? In this workshop, you need to bring along your favourite literary character and will be shown the way forward… Whether you’re an experienced writer or have never written before, this sounds like an interesting event to get flexing those writing muscles.

Brighton Book Festival is on at various locations in Brighton from 9 – 12 June 2011. Bookstock want to connect people with books and connect people through books. Details are on the website: