Have your say on standards in publishing

The National Occupational Standards for Publishing were last updated in 2005 by the Publishing Training Centre. Needless to say, the industry’s gone through what might delicately be termed ‘changes’ since then. If you have a 211-page hole in your life, feel free to fire through that batch of Standards, annotating and amending as you go. For everyone else, Skillset is proposing a simpler solution.

Throughout September, Skillset is running a series of focus groups throughout the UK, in which those who work in publishing can share their views on the state of the industry with the organisation and each other. The groups are taking place in Oxford, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, and on two consecutive nights in London between September 13-29, with full details and links to Eventbrite for registration on the Skillset blog. The sessions last about two hours apiece, with refreshments provided, and maybe even travel expenses taken care of, if you ask nicely.

Details are also available on the Skillset blog of how to register interest in taking part via phone or questionnaire, in case you want to help out but don’t want to have to hang out with other people who work in publishing (because ew, right? I mean, what is up with those guys?).