BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

This week in The Higgledy-piggledy Publishing Biz, the UK has another ebook-pedalling juggernaut to join Apple and Amazon, as Google ebooks are now available in the UK.

And in the aftermath of last week’s slam-dunk announcements from Jeff Bezos,  Eoin Purcell explains Why The Kindle Fire Worries Me‘, and GigaOM asks ‘What happens to books when the Kindle is free?

Elsewhere, there are Lessons to Help Generate Book Buzz, and PUBSLUSH launches a Kickstarter platform for book publishing, using a similar crowd-funding model to Unbound.

In the wake of her controversial release, will there be a lucrative Amanda Knox book? Here’s what publishing insiders have to say.

And One More Thing. We’ve yet to see what the true impact of Steve Jobs’ tablet revolution will be on the book industry, but as a tribute to the Apple founder who passed away yesterday, here’s his speech at Stanford from back in 2005, in which he labels death as ‘life’s great change agent’.



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