10 lessons from Non Fiction: Following the Money at #Quantum16

At the Quantum Conference on Monday, Roger Domingo (Planeta Hipermedia), Elizabeth Baldwin (Harvard Business Review) and Richard Sullivan (Osprey Publishing) shared their insights into how they have furthered their revenue from projects alongside traditional non-fiction publishing. Here are our top 10 takeaway points from the talk.

Planeta Hipermedia

1) Planeta Hipermedia have built a successful series of online multi-media courses based on the 20 most successful business books they publish.

2) The consumer message is clear for this product. For the same price as the book, 20 euros, you can get the same knowledge as you would do reading a book, but you gain it via a variety of media.

3) Planeta Hipermedia have over 500,000 users signed up to use these courses – mostly B2B customers, who come via their companies. Planeta Hipermedia have secured numerous corporate deals for these packages, including Banco Santander and Telefonica

Harvard Business Review

4) Harvard Business Review has seen a 21% growth by offering access to content in print and online; together with access to their archives. The archives offer subscribers 25 years of content to review

5) HBR also offers a visual library. This is a clever way of taking content and offering it to subscribers to download, whitelabel the design to their own company branding and use in meetings and presentations as they see fit.

6) HBR publishing arm is essentially a niche, high-level business publisher, publishing 35-40 books a year.HBR has grown their social media following to over 7 million since 2011, which has helped to raise awareness of the brand

Osprey Publishing

7) Osprey Publishing started to offer supplements for their niche titles from 2008 as an extra revenue stream.

8) From 2012 Osprey established a relationship with figure manufacturers so that they could offer plastic figures as a bolt on to their books. This is seen to be key to maximizing the revenue which can be obtained from their IP

9) Since 2015 Osprey have also started creating board games and card games in order to capitalise on this further.