BookMachine Unplugged series to launch in January 2018

Over the past 7 years BookMachine have organised over 100 industry events, and listened to over 300 industry speakers kindly share their knowledge. From this, we have learned that that if you want to stay at the forefront of what’s happening, then you need to understand the past and have a sense of what is happening in the future – but you also really need to know what is happening now, both in your discipline and across the indusry.

So BookMachine Unplugged, our 2018 event series, sets to answer the simple question: what is happening in the world of publishing right now?

Throughout next year we are going to put away the crystal balls and focus on learning from our colleagues in digital, in marketing, in production, in design and in editorial. What are they doing now? How can we learn from them to work better together?

BookMachine Unplugged will launch in January. It has been programmed by the expert editorial board at BookMachine – including Emma Barnes (Founder & CEO, Bibliocloud, Snowbooks, Make Our Book), Julia Garvey (Head of Marketing, GL Assessment), Sophie O’Rourke (Director, emc Design), Abbie Headon (Abbie Headon Publishing Services), Ken Jones (Director, Circular Software) and Claire Maxwell (Freelance Publicist). The programme has been compiled by Suzanne Kavanagh, with over 20 years experience organising industry panels and forums.

The event series will be free for BookMachine Members to attend, and £8 for everyone else. You can sign up for the latest updates and releases here.