Wednesday Wisdom: Live interview with Tania O’Donnell (Arcturus Publishing)

Live interview with Tania O’Donnell, Executive Editor at Arcturus Publishing.

Join us on Wednesday 29th July at 1pm for a brief and inspiring 30-minute interview with Tania O’Donnell.

During the session, find out how Tania first came to enjoy public speaking, how she’s had to adapt her work for communicating effectively online, and her top tips for gaining more confidence.

A recording will be available after the session for BookMachine members to dip into at any time.

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About Tania

Tania O’Donnell is executive editor at Arcturus Publishing, commissioning primarily Mind, Body, Spirit books. She is a former journalist who has both formal and on-the-job training in public speaking and presenting. She has presented at the Time Inc Editors Conference and, last year, did stand-up comedy to improve her presentation skills. She has presented the Quality Food and Drink Awards in the UK and Ireland and has defended curry against fish ‘n’ chips as Britain’s favourite dish on ITV’s breakfast news. She is an author and her latest book, under the name Tania Ahsan, is Everyday Calming Rituals, published in March this year by Tigger Publishing.  

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