CAMPUS Power Hour with Joshua Tallent

£150.00 +VAT

Metadata best practices for publishers:  Power Hour with Joshua Tallent

Do you need help with any of the following:

  • Metadata quality
  • Keyword creation tips and suggestions
  • Metadata management and delivery
  • ONIX questions or overviews
  • A metadata assessment for 5 of your titles

Book a bespoke one-to-one power hour with Joshua Tallent. The price includes a Q&A to complete before you speak and a tailored follow-up email.

All calls are hosted online, details will be confirmed following booking.





About Joshua

Joshua Tallent is an acclaimed teacher and guide on the role of data in publishing, and a vocal advocate for high quality book metadata. He serves as the Director of Sales and Education at Firebrand Technologies, where his focus is on helping publishers of all sizes learn about, and find solutions to, their workflow and metadata problems. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys playing complex board games, playing Minecraft, and reading. 

Twitter: @jtallent