Snapshots III (ePub edition)

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BookMachine on Publishing: The Next 5 Years

This collection of experiences and advice, focused on the most contemporary methods in the global publishing industry, features specially selected pieces from BookMachine’s leading publishing blog. Snapshots offers need-to-know information for professional publishers in the digital age. The book shares practical insights from those at the forefront of innovation from traditional publishers to new industry players. Exposing dos and don’ts, challenges and triumphs, Snapshots helps you learn from those that have gone before and be inspired to develop innovative ideas. With collaboration as a constant theme, these writings build a picture of how to:
  • Navigate the next few years, with a variety of industry predictions
  • Think creatively and practically about design
  • Understand emerging business models and re-evaluate current ones
  • Gain the skills that publishing needs now
In a time of continual change, this collection snapshots the cutting edge of publishing practice today, zooming in on images of innovation happening right now.


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