BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

This week Mr Jobs finally enforced his in-app purchase rules, leaving companies scrambling to devise ways of  Sidestepping Apple: From Amazon to Condé Nast, Companies Rethink App Strategies. There’s more rethinking as  The Staff Recommends turns book suggestions and advertorials into a potential business model, we see digital trailblazers O’Reilly Using Agile Model to Publish ‘Every Book as a Startup’, and there’s another attempt at Bringing crowdfunding to book publishing. This is all great, but is it really just down to Publishing Your Book at the Perfect Time?

But enough strategy, events are what we like here at BookMachine, so it’s good to see that the Booker Prize pits tiny Highlands publisher against literary giants
and  World Book Night confirms US launch.

Also this week, all you authors out there should watch out for The Cruelest Hoax, then cheer yourself up with a bit of schadenfreudeby reading Famous Author Rejection Letters: True Stories Of Unbelievable Rejections.

And in case all that wasn’t enough reading for a Friday afternoon, here are more of the Best Links for Writers and Publishers.