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5 Questions for Enric Sagrera of iBuksgrup, sponsors of BookMachine Barcelona [INTERVIEW]


Enric Sagrera is the CEO at iBuksgrup, the first Spanish ebook aggregator. iBuksgrup are sponsoring our first Spanish event, BookMachine Barcelona and here, Enric talks a little bit about how they are helping publishers to distribute their content across a number of platforms.

Eventbrite - BookMachine Barcelona with Javier Celaya, CEO of

1. Could you explain how your service works for publishers?

Our services are designed to help with all the technological steps needed to publish on international platforms, being the publisher’s technological partner. With a service like ours, publishers can concentrate on their own tasks, such as editing and promoting, without worrying about technological issues which are in constant evolution.


2. And what are the main advantages of submitting the books to iBuksgroup, rather than directly to the retailer?

The main advantage is that we provide the technical specialisation needed for each platform. This specialisation together with the economies of scale we apply, allows us to offer a complete service of publication on the main international platforms at a reasonable cost for publishers.


3. ISBNs and digital transitions often result in confusion. Do you think that publishers should just stick to one ISBN for all digital formats?

We always recommend assigning an ISBN for each format, i.e. the paper book has one ISBN, a CD has another and then for an ebook, another ISBN regardless of being ePub, mobi, IBA, etc.


4. Who do you hope to meet via BookMachine Barcelona?

We would like to make good contacts with editors, and have a good time talking about the great challenge that is the digital transition in the publishing industry.


5. And lastly, can you think of a publisher who has adapted to and taken to digital distribution most successfully?

The first one I can think of is Los Libros del Lince, a publishing house that despite having published few titles in ebook format, has been able to adapt perfectly to the digital distribution model, alongside the traditional one, and with great sales results in all channels.

Eventbrite - BookMachine Barcelona with Javier Celaya, CEO of


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