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A new Youtube channel to demystify the publishing business

One of the things that constantly crops up when I talk to writers – and I talk to a lot of writers – is that most of them have a pretty vague idea of how the publishing business works. That’s not all that surprising. Publishers and agents are not necessarily the most forthcoming of people and can seem rather remote and unapproachable. Indeed the publishing business as a whole can seem like an arcane world with its own rules and language and one which is perhaps not all that welcoming of outsiders. And of course it is not that all that complex – it is not simple, but the basis of the business is pretty straightforward. Which is why I have started a YouTube channel at devoted to demystifying aspects of the publishing business – what agents do, what publishers do etc etc.
I’m hopeful it is something people will find useful and it rather amazes me how little there is out there that is like this – it surprises me that more of my colleagues haven’t done something similar. But that’s a good thing. This is a great opportunity to reach large numbers of people and my hope is that by doing so I will be able to help writers navigate the sometimes trick waters of their writing careers. So please do take a look – I have just posted another clip, this time talking about what publishers do and will be building my clips up over the coming weeks. I really hope you find it useful. I’d welcome feedback and suggestions and can be reached either by the comments page on YouTube or by my twitter @pblofeld.


Piers Blofeld

Piers Blofeld is a literary agent at Sheil Land Associates where he represents a number of high profile, prize winning and internationally bestselling authors. These include Nadine Dorries MP, Jamie Thomson, winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize; Su Quinn and J.S. Taylor whose novels have both topped kindle charts in the US and UK several times this year and who have each sold well over 100,000 copies in the last year alone and Dave Morris whose ground breaking Frankenstein app was a simultaneous iBookstore number one in the US and UK.

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