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Macmillan reissuing Carroll to mark Alice’s 150th anniversary

2015 marks 150 years since the initial publication of Lewis Carroll’s immortal Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and to mark the occasion Carroll’s publisher, Macmillan, is releasing new editions of both Carroll’s own work and contextual material for the books along with a remastered 48th anniversary limited edition 12″ of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. The programme of re-releases begins this October with both Alice novels, the aforementioned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first published in 1865, and its 1871 sequel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. The novels will feature colour prints by John Macfarlane, who illustrated their 1927 children’s editions, and newly written forewords: Adventures‘ by Hilary McKay, author of the Porridge Hall and Casson Family books, and Looking-Glass‘ by Philip Ardagh, radio presenter and author of the Eddie Dickens books. In 2015 itself, the novels will be complemented by the publication of 1903’s shortened The Little Folks’ Edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in March, replete with the illustrations by John Tenniel originally found in the 1865/1871 editions. Philip Pullman will write the foreword for July’s The Complete Alice, collecting both novels and archival material held by Macmillan, this time illustrated with Harry Theaker’s 1911 colour plates. In addition, Macmillan will republish Morton N. Cohen’s 1995 Lewis Carroll: A Biography, with Cohen also serving as editor on Selected Letters, collecting Carroll’s correspondence.

Carroll’s Alice novels were a comparatively early success for Macmillan, with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published only 22 years after the company’s 1843 foundation and before the similarly epochal likes of Rudyard Kipling, Alfred Tennyson and Thomas Hardy. That book has seen over 100 editions printed in its 150 years. Despite the best efforts of Tim Burton, no one has yet been able to kill it.

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Chris Ward

Chris Ward

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