New Oxford Publishing Group conference attracts top speakers

Philip Pullman

23rd June is the first annual conference of the Oxfordshire Publishing Group and judging from the line-up, this is an event not to be missed.

Speakers include Philip Pullman, Charlie Redmayne, James Daunt, Nigel Portwood, Emma Barnes and Eric Huang. The mid-summer event is quite rightly called ‘Creating Value in an Age of Disruption’ – a topic which many of us feel strongly about, as reading habits shift and publishers seek new business models to monetise on the trends.

Hot-on-topic, Philip Pullman will start off the event with an author’s view, ‘Authorship in a Time of Intolerance’. The day will then be broken up into speeches and breakout groups, making sure that delegates are able to pick which topics are most relevant to their work and interests.

Breakout session topics include ‘Is your brand as important as your product?’ and the rarely discussed, but ever useful for fostering new ideas: ‘What can different publishing sectors learn from each other?’

After a day of thought-provoking discussion and debate from publishers and industry professionals, James Daunt, Managing Director of Waterstones, will take the stage to discuss: ‘The Value of Booksellers in a Changing World’, followed by a drinks reception sponsored by Oxford University Press and Taylor & Francis

If you think this all sounds like a good excuse to leave your desk for the day, and learn from industry pros, then you can get your early-bird tickets until 31st March for £75 (£95 from then on).