Startup snapshot: Lost my name

AsiSharabiAsi Sharabi is a recovering ad man, a passionate advocate of ‘making stuff that matters’ and was most recently the MD of innovation lab Sidekick Studios. He once read 12 bedtime stories to his three little daughters in a single evening.

1) What exactly is Lost My Name?

Lost My Name is a marvellously unusual, award winning startup that plays in the intersection between storytelling and technology. We’ve created both the best-selling and the most technologically advanced personalised picture books in the world. And have made over 1.6 million children gasp and giggle in 170 countries.

2) What problem does it solve?

Personalised books have been in the market for over forty years but have remained, pretty much exclusively, a commercial gimmick. They’ve never been taken seriously as a creative canvas for storytellers and have rarely had much concentrated technical attention. We set out to create something genuinely inspiring and magical.

3) Who is your target market?

Our magical, personalised books are perfect for children up to the age of 7.

4) What results do you hope to see over the next few years?

More creative superpowers – for grownups and for kids. We want to create the best personal content for children and to keep blending print and engineering in ways that have never done before.

5) What will be next for Lost My Name?

Whatever we do in the future, we’ll always emphasise an approach of ideas and creativity over format, a transition from digital to physical and bonding over babysitting a child with a screen.