Our Editorial Board

Introducing our Editorial Board! We’ve recently been joined by four amazing publishing experts – Magdalene Abraha, Rik Ubhi, Linda Secondari and Emmanuel Kolade – to form our new team of six Editorial Board members.

The BookMachine Board consult on and guide everything we programme and put together for you all.

They steer the direction of our virtual events, curate the weekly blog and feed the vibrant publishing community with knowledge, thought leadership and ideas to progress in their careers.

Each Board member brings with them a wealth of diverse industry experience in their particular specialism. Their shared knowledge will keep you ahead of your peers at work, and give you the confidence to take more initiative when developing new projects.

We’re so excited to work on our 2021 programme with this brilliant team of publishing pros!

Meet the team

Each of our board members specialise in the following areas:

Find out more about each of our Board members by visiting our Editorial Board page.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our previous Editorial Board members who were with us from 2015–2020. We’re so grateful for your efforts over the years!


  1. It’s a pleasure to welcome @ekolade , @Rik , @Secondari  and Magdalene to the board. Thanks to @Louise Harvey  and @ken-jones  for your continued help with curating our event series and blog posts. 

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