Kickstarting the creative process with the Quarto team

In December 2021, the BookMachine Creative Agency ran an in-person Marketing Sprint with the Quarto Publishing team. The highly-creative session was designed to help the team develop a campaign for a Children’s title and an Adult’s title, both written by the same author.

The Sprint was designed to help the team:

  • Anticipate the outcomes of their campaign
  • Clarify their consumer journey
  • Think through their personas and the messaging which would work best for their audiences
  • Develop creative ideas and new ways of working
  • Have an enjoyable day out of the office and encourage team-building

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team members joining forces


hours of focused planning


creative marketing ideas generated

We had a really great session with BookMachine. The opportunity to brainstorm and think outside the box creatively about our forthcoming marketing campaign was hugely refreshing, stimulating and engaging. Loved the relaxed but focused structure the BookMachine team provided, and the ideas we generated between us in just one day were truly substantial and exciting!  It was also just brilliant to be in a room with all my colleagues at one time, a rare thing since the pandemic.

– Melody Odusanya, Campaigns Manager

We spent the morning deep-diving into audience personas, which really helped everyone to get into the right mindset. The team also interviewed the publishers for each of the books (over Zoom) and this added so much to the conversation.

Everyone had also prepared for the day by researching inspirational campaigns created for their target audience. At the start of the afternoon session, each person shared their research. This was a great way to kick-start the creative process.

By the end of the day, they had produced eight creative marketing ideas, and these were collectively voted on so that, by the close of the Sprint, the team had a clear idea of their campaign goals as well as a guide to support their marketing plan for these two distinct titles.

“A highly creative and seamless programme, BookMachine introduced us all to new and dynamic ways of approaching campaign planning. Starting with getting us out of our same old office surroundings and into a new, energetic environment to spark collaboration. The ‘Sprint’ was just that, immediately getting us to lay out objectives for the campaign and setting us off on unexpected ways to apply our knowledge and learn more along the way. Something I’m taking with me was the ‘car park’ method, whereby, if inspiration strikes but might be misplaced, a note is ‘parked’ on a separate board to come back to later. Brilliant!” 

– Fizza Nayyer, Campaigns Executive

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