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4 quick Questions for Greg Ioannou of Iguana Books [INTERVIEW]

In the run up to BookMachine Toronto we caught up with Greg Ioannou who is a busy Publishing bod. Between all the various roles he fulfills (Publisher at Iguana Books, President of Colborne Communications and President of the Editors’ Association of Canada), he does a lot of networking. So if you’re going to the first BookMachine Toronto, Greg will be propping up the buffet bar so do say hello! Eventbrite - BookMachine Toronto   1. So you’re coming to the first ever BookMachine Toronto, are you coming as a Publisher from Iguana Books or as President of Colborne Communications? Both of those and also as the president of the Editors’ Association of Canada. That way, if no-one else turns up I can network with myself.   2. What are your expectations of the event? I’ll hang out with some old cronies, meet new people, and eat too much.   3. Is there much of a networking and social scene in the Publishing industry in Toronto? Between conferences, meetings of various associations, launches, parties and so on, you can go to a dozen networking events in Toronto in the average week. That’s why so many of us choose to live here.   4. Who are you hoping to meet and forge collaborations with at the event? You never know who you’ll meet. I’m not coming in with preconceptions. (Hint: the people you really want to meet hang out at the free food table.)

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Sophie O’Rourke

Sophie O’Rourke works at emc design, a leading print & digital design agency for publishing. She is interested in how education is being transformed by new technologies, the web and social media. You can find her writing for emc design’s blog (emcdesign.org.uk), on Twitter @sophie_orourke or at the next Book Machine social!

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