5 Questions for Charly Ford of Osprey Publishing, host of BookMachine Oxford [INTERVIEW]

Charly FordCharly Ford is a Project Manager at Osprey Publishing and is hosting the BookMachine event in Oxford. Here, Charly shares her enthusiasm for publishing and tells us why you should come along and join the fun later this month.

Eventbrite - BookMachine Oxford with Richard Sullivan, MD of Osprey Publishing


1. Can you first tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am an editorial project manager at Osprey and I work on print and digital products. It is the most exciting time in publishing and I love learning new ideas and technology and seeing how we can present our content in new ways. It is a challenging job, but in all the right ways – it is, quite frankly, brilliant.


2. Oxford has had great success with BookMachine events before and now you’re hosting another one that’s a little bit different – what’s changed?

BookMachine socials are great, and the fully fledged ‘Unplugged’ speaker evenings in London are also fantastic; the new ‘With…’ approach is a hybrid of the two. All the fun of a BookMachine party with something extra added.


3. As the MD of Osprey is speaking about collaboration, do you have any of your own (good or bad!) experiences of working with non-publishers to share with us?

I have only had good experiences when meeting and working with non-publishers; the world of publishing is ever-changing and there is so much that can be learned from other people. I also love talking to experts in their field – collaboration enables everyone to use and share their strengths with others. What’s not to love?


4. Why did you initially want to hold a BookMachine event? And do you have any words of wisdom for others thinking of doing the same?

I co-hosted Oxford’s first BookMachine social in summer last year on behalf of Osprey – it was an absolute blast and I’ve attended all the Oxford events and two London ones since then. This time I’m hosting on behalf of BookMachine and I cannot wait for the date to roll around so we can all get together and have a great time! To anyone else that is thinking of hosting event, do sign up to this month’s party – tweet me @charly_ford and I’ll make sure we have a chat about it in person on the 27th!


5. Finally, can you sum up your view of BookMachine in five words?

Fantastic publishing goodness. For all


Eventbrite - BookMachine Oxford with Richard Sullivan, MD of Osprey Publishing


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