Introducing BookMachine’s new Content and Community Manager

You probably recognise Sam. She has been the resident photographer at BookMachine London for a couple of years now, always working out ways to get the best shots to share on the Facebook page.

It all started back in 2014 when Sam Perkins did an excellent job of project managing the very first BookMachine publishing project, Snapshots: BookMachine on Digital, Discoverability and Collaboration. Sam was on her Publishing MA course at the time and, alongside a team, produced and launched the book. We were impressed!

Following on from the course she started working at SAGE as an Editorial Assistant, and also launched Short Thoughts – a start-up publishing digital short form content.

Now Sam is taking a more pivotal role in running BookMachine. Last week she took over editorial responsibility of the Website. Over the next few months, Sam will take over the reigns on Social Media and event planning.

If you have exciting publishing ideas or news that BookMachine should know about, then you can email Sam at

You can also follow Sam on twitter.


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