BookMachine Connect to retire

BookMachine Connect (AKA is retiring on Friday 15th July. It’s had a good innings, but a new, shinier model is up-and-running and we are sure you’ll get on just fine.

What happens to my BookMachine profile now?
You need to ‘join’ the main BookMachine site and build a new one. It’s super quick, really intuitive, has better search functionality – soon we’ll be rolling out a whole host of other new features too.

If you are a paid-up promoted member we will move your portfolio content for you. If you haven’t already, please email us asap.

What will show up in the Water Cooler on the new site?
Everyone in the Water Cooler can see when you join, build your profile, add projects or recommend others. It’s a social online hub, and you will get a more immersive experience.

I want to join the ‘promoted members’ and have my profile stand out.
Easy. Simply become a member and we will send you welcome instructions and actively help promote your profile. Plus you can get into all BookMachine events for free and get other goodies.

How do I show off the projects I’ve worked on?
Annette Peppis (see below) has uploaded images of projects she has worked on, and tagged them with key terms. This means that when anyone on the site searches for ‘book design’, for example, they will find examples of the work Annette has done.

AnnetteThe BookMachine team will be building a whole host of new features for you over the next few months, so get involved and we hope to see you at the water cooler!