Dead Ink publisher to receive Art Council grant

Dead Ink, an independent press based in Liverpool has just received confirmation of a significant grant of £65,359 from Arts Council England.

The grant will enable Dead Ink to ambitiously expand their Publishing the Underground project. Publishing the Underground seeks to bring new writers to publication by connecting them with readers who act as literary patrons.

Dead Ink will now undergo a complete branding overhaul accompanied by a new website with a bespoke crowdfunding platform. As part of the activity the press will be hosting a special authors’ boot camp aimed at providing new authors with invaluable training, guidance and practical skills to assist them in establishing their emerging careers.

As well as debut authors, the project will publish SJ Bradley’s second novel, Guest, after her debut, Brick Mother, was published by Dead Ink in 2014. Dead Ink will also be publishing Harry Gallon’s second novel, Every Fox is a Rabid Fox, after his debut, The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes, was published during the first Publishing the Underground pilot.