Creative collaboration & the future of publishing [EVENT]

Many of you know whitefox, a popular publishing services agency for publishers, agents, authors and brands. BookMachine and whitefox have been plotting ways to celebrate their 5th birthday party – and here we have it, an event to discuss creative collaboration & the future of publishing. 

Writers, agents, publishers and institutional brands are all grappling with the same dilemma: how to produce high-quality books and state of the art digital content whilst at the same time judiciously managing their costs. Project management includes multiple internal and external connections and skillsets.

Take a glimpse into the crystal ball of publishing with three experts and understand how the ever-evolving role of creative collaboration will affect all of us in the future.

whitefox will be celebrating with drinks for everyone after the talks.

Click here for more information and to book tickets. This event is free to attend for BookMachine Members.