Rights Teams to Soar in the Cloud

Rights Teams

Rights teams everywhere are preparing to ditch their spreadsheets and embrace modern, cloud-based technology thanks to an innovative new App called RightsZone, which officially launches next week at London Bookfair.

The first new stand-alone rights system for almost 15 years, RightsZone offers a comprehensive database solution for those working in rights licensing in addition to an intuitive suite of workflow tools. RightsZone is designed to relieve users of repetitive and tedious admin tasks, and drive revenue growth.

Since rights income goes straight to the bottom line in most houses, RightsZone represents an exciting opportunity for publishers to get more value from their rights business without increasing staff numbers.

RightsZone has been designed and built by Rights Experts Clare Hodder and Ruth Tellis, together with Marc Defosse, Paula Neary and Alex Kapp from publishing technology experts, Ribbonfish. The team previously worked together on an in-house solution which halved the time spent on rights licensing whilst doubling the income received.


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