Your guide to top resources from Tech Month

tech resources for publishers to learn to code

So you’ve left Tech Month feeling inspired to start learning to code, but where do you start? Here’s a list of resources from some of our brilliant contributors to help you on the right track.

Jamie Bowman

  • Institute of Coding – blog posts on entry into industry, and site also includes a directory of paid/unpaid courses on a range of subjects in tech
  • Coursera – lots of courses on tech stuff including one Jamie took when starting out which he really recommends. (Disclaimer: he wasn’t working for the University of London at the time so completely impartial, promise!)
  • Codewars – not for the faint-hearted, but gamified challenges for your chosen programming language. There are also more structured collections, e.g. this one on Ruby for beginners.
  • CSS Almanac – useful glossary for CSS with visual examples
  • CSS Reference – similar to above
  • Type Scale – Modular type scale for Google fonts (fun to play with for type fans)
  • The Net Ninja – Patreon-supported producer of free youtube videos on various tech topics, including crash course in HTML & CSS (useful for those starting out)

Lucy Monie Hall

Ruth D’Rozario

  • Makers’ Academy & Codecademy – Ruth found that both Makers’ Academy and Codecademy worked for her when she first took her first steps into coding
  • Miro – an online whiteboard app you can use to collaborate on ideas with your colleagues, wherever they are
  • Slack – a direct messaging tool you can use within teams to work more effectively
  • Trello – a visual planning tool and calendar to help you track tasks

Anna Cunnane

  • Anna touched on her most useful tools she’s found useful on her ongoing coding journey: Brilliant, W3 Schools and Udemy
  • Side Project Summer – a fantastic online community of coders started by the wonderful people at Consonance especially for publishing professionals

Other coding sites shared around the BookMachine community