Working with BESA to help their members succeed

What started as a 3-month contract has developed into a long-term project supporting the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) with membership renewal, boosting event attendance and positioning the organisation as a senior thought-leader in the industry.


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“We have been constantly impressed by BookMachine’s performance. They have given us access to a wider range of skills than we could have secured using one individual – plus each of the BookMachine team members really is an expert in their field. They were able to get up to speed very quickly and start making a positive impact on our marketing results from day one. The Marketing Sprint was a revelation and was a fantastic tool that immediately set the tone for the collaborative way in which BookMachine works with the whole BESA team. We have also picked up tips and tools that will stay with us long beyond the scope of this project.”

Julia Garvey, Deputy Director General, BESA
BESA Case Study Profile
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  • Promoting and providing support and advice, BESA represents over 400 suppliers from across the UK educational suppliers sector.

  • Hosting an initial Marketing Sprint to scope out stakeholders and key messaging, and developed a clear focus for our marketing activity.

  • Collaborating with the membership manager, events team, schools team and policy advisor, we have mapped a retention and renewal strategy, hit registration targets for a packed events schedule, created cross-channels campaigns to reach educators and crafted a communications strategy for public policy and stakeholder partnerships.

  • Planning and implementing email marketing, paid social ads, organic social media & more.

  • Undertaking standalone projects & audits, tapping into our additional expertise for bolt-on projects to enhance the campaigns and activity.

  • Whilst tracking, monitoring and marketing the extensive BESA programme, we have continually reviewed our activity to improve results and respond to changing priorities.

  • Acting as a focussed and efficient resource for the BESA team, and our responsive approach allows us to adapt and flex as requirements evolve.
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“BESA provides invaluable support and guidance to their community. Our goal was to support their objectives as an outsourced marketing team and communicate the benefits that members can access. We focused on targets around events and renewals, and worked with the team to develop a campaign approach, streamlined communications with a project management and reporting structure that allows us to flex and respond to results.” 

Suzanne Kavanagh, Project Lead, BookMachine Creative Agency

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