#pubnow: 7 Questions for Bobby Nayyar [interview]


Bobby Nayyar is a name you’ve probably heard associated with the Booktrust, Limehouse Books or even back from his days at working at Little Brown. Today we’ve got him here on the metaphoric couch …



1 So Bobby, what made you set up Limehouse books?

I wanted to experiment different models for publishing books in print and digitally. My background is in marketing, so I also wanted to explore my creative ideas and apply the same design ethos to the design and production of books, as an art publisher might. Logically, the easiest way to do this was to set up on my own.

2 Why should we buy your books?

Because they are beautifully designed, produced and feature writer whom I’m confident will gain prominence over the next five to ten years.

3 You also recently set up Limehouse academy. I’m sure this is of interest to lots of our readers. What’s it about?

The strapline for the Academy is simply: Publishing Talent. I’m afraid I have to keep most of the details secret, however I can say that the cornerstone of the Academy will be what I believe to be the only apprenticeship in trade publishing.

4 How are you involved with Booktrust?

I manage the Diversity in Publishing Network (www.dipnet.org.uk). It is a membership organisation focused on making publishing a more inclusive and diverse industry.

5 And what should we do if we want to help?

Firstly, become a member – it’s free. Come to events, ask us what you’d like us to do. There are some big changes coming to Dipnet in 2012, we’ll only get there with your support.

6 We’re really pleased that you’ll be speaking at Publishing Now – what are you going to tell us about (without giving too much away of course ….)?

I’m going to talk about innovation in print from the point of view of a small publishing house that is committed to the printed word.

7 And lastly; could you please tell us one secret about yourself? Please!

When I was a kid I wanted to be an ice cream salesman. My actual profession has turned out to be as sweet.

Thanks Bobby – that was interesting … if you wish to hear Bobby talk at Publishing Now, you can book your ticket right here.