2012 Fiction Uncovered titles announced

Fiction Uncovered creates the opportunity for eight British fiction writers to be part of a summer promotion supported by key retailers and independent bookstores across the UK.

On Wednesday,  eight books were selected for the promotion amidst a buzzing atmosphere at The Union Club in London. The judging panel was chaired, by John Sutherland, Lord Northcliffe Professor Emeritus of Modern English Literature at UCL, with Katy Guest (Literary Editor, The Independent on Sunday), Jasper Sutcliffe (Head of Buying, Foyles Group) and the writer Matt Thorne. You can check out the winning titles here.

On top of this there are two related events to follow which might just pique your interest…

The Book Barge

The first is the Fiction Uncovered/Book Barge shop; primarily because it is an innovative way to reach book buyers. It will be popping up at waterfront locations in Leeds, Manchester and Oxford during summer 2012, selling all the titles selected for this year’s Fiction Uncovered promotion. A great initiative.


Fiction Uncovered FM

The second is Fiction Uncovered FM at Foyles – a four day pop-up FM radio station broadcasting from Foyles, Charing Cross Road from 20 – 23 June 2012. The radio station will feature content around the eight selected titles as well as a much wider range of British and translated fiction. All the cool kids are getting into radio and podcasts these days aren’t they?

If this all sounds interesting to you; why not head over to the Fiction Uncovered website to find out more about the eight selected titles. You can also follow their updates on Twitter @Fictuncovered. The director of the promotion is Sophie Rochester of the Literary Platform.