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Win a pair of tickets to Oxford’s next BookMachine event!

Here at BookMachine we are passionate about what we do – BookMachine is fun, interesting, great for making connections, all about collaboration, cool, all-inclusive, informative, forward-thinking, welcoming, mega, bookish, digital, international, community-focused, innovative, friendly, driven… there are endless words to describe it!

So we’d like to set you a challenge.

Charly Ford described BookMachine as “Fantastic publishing goodness. For all.” What strapline would you suggest for BookMachine, using only 5 words?

Leave them as a comment below, or tweet us @BookMachine or @charly_ford!

The best entry* will win a free pair of tickets to the party that is taking place in Oxford on 27 March.

*extra marks will be awarded for creativity!

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