#WorkInPublishing week: our best careers posts

It’s The Publisher Association’s #WorkInPublishing week. To join in on the action, we’ve collected together some of our best posts on Publishing skills, courses, freelancing and tips on how to get into the industry.

Publishing Skills

A 3-step beginners guide to building skills in the workplace

Transferable skills in creative industries

Coder Generation: Building digital skills doesn’t have to be scary

16 Transferable skills to think about

Where are the skills gaps in the publishing industry? (Part 1)

Where are the skills gaps in the publishing industry? (Part 2)

Freelancing and Career Changes

Freelancing and time management

Walking the tightrope: Life as a freelancer

How to quit your job to blog for a living

Making transitions in your Publishing career

Getting into Publishing

How to get into Publishing

Grown-up publishing

Finding work in publishing

Do you really need a degree to be in Publishing?

New to publishing – a journey

Working in Publishing

So you think you’re due a pay rise?

Working in Publishing: 6 myth-busters from Unite

Why I work in Publishing

Recruiting right: what to consider when you’re hiring

Publishing Courses

Building the publishers of the future

5 reasons to take a Publishing course

Mastering Publishing

4 of the many things I learned while doing a Publishing MA

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