The next 5 years of publishing: Seonaid MacLeod interview

On the 8th June we’re launching the third title in the Snapshots series, BookMachine on publishing: the next 5 years, with a free event in four cities. Here Allison Williams interviews one of our speakers from the London event, Seonaid MacLeod on current publishing trends and predictions.

1) What are current trends and predictions that excite you most about the future of the publishing industry? 

There’s some really exciting developments in the way we publish and work. I see a lot of chat around making books coverage and conversation less elitist, and the industry itself – I’d like to see that turn into action.

2) What is the trend or prediction that scares you most about the future of the publishing industry?

Not so much a trend, more a continuation of the status quo. Ignoring potential audiences by publishing what is ‘known’ to sell is not just exclusive, but also bad business.

3) How do you think we can best combat that trend or prediction?

Thinking about where we’re advertising – not just our books but also job opportunities and industry information. Remember that social media can easily just reflect our own interests back at us… you might just be seeing booky monochrome Twitter.

4) What is one thing you’d like to see the publishing industry start doing in the next 5 years? 

Keep on keeping on.

5) Can you give us a sneak peek of the ‘snapshot’ of the industry that you will be sharing with us at the launch?

Seonaid MacLeod pic

Grab your free ticket for the launch of Snapshots III here.


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