Jonny Geller wins BookMachine blogger award 2016

The BookMachine blogging awards are run annually using Google analytics to pick the most viewed blog posts of the year.  BookMachine readers then vote for their favourite of the selection.

The winning blogger of 2016 – as voted by you – is Jonny Geller. Jonny will be winning an annual BookMachine membership, a bottle of something tasty, and a selection of BookMachine blooks.

We will also be extending the award to Norah Myers, who (for the second time) interviewed our winning blogger on behalf of BookMachine. A huge thanks to Norah for making this all happen.

Last year Juliet Mushens grabbed the award with her interview (by Norah Myers) ‘Twitter Tips from a Literary Agent

If you think you have what it takes to write a winning blog for publishing professionals in 2017, email me with your idea.

As a reminder the blog posts from 2016 were:

1. Blogger: Jonny Geller (via Norah Myers)

This blog analyses what makes a bestseller in an age where print sales are up and self-publishing is becoming increasingly popular.

2. Blogger: Alison Jones

This blog essentially reminisces about all the things that used to be part of a publisher’s day and no longer are.

3. Blogger: Juliet Pickering (with Norah Myers)

Juliet is a successful agent, and in this blog post she shares how in her line of work, one deals with rejection.

4. Blogger: Sam Humphrys (via Norah Myers)

This blog covers the top 5 tips an editor needs to excellent in their field.

5. Blogger: Emma Smith

Emma is an editor and in this blog post explains how decisions are made, and what she wishes she could communicate more frequently.