My top 5 audiobooks: Why it’s worth spending a credit

Why become an audiobook subscriber? With so many storytelling subscriptions available – Netflix, Amazon Prime, the list is endless – here are just five of my favourite audiobooks along with reasons why it’s worth buying these books in audio rather than as a physical book/ebook. Once you’ve listened to these, you’ll never look back from an audio subscription!

What better way to enjoy this funny, moving memoir than having Robert Webb read it to you? The power of having a memoir read to you by its author; the power of having Hillary Clinton tell you in her own words What Happened (as Amanda Seyfried said of the audiobook “She gets to have a voice as well”) cannot be underestimated.

Now a TV series, these stunning audio editions are a great way of following the series beyond BBC iPlayer. Walk around London while you’re listening to these utterly gripping books and spot the landmarks mentioned throughout. Before J. K. Rowling was revealed as the author, Robert Glenister’s reading of The Cuckoo’s Calling was already receiving praise and has been a bestseller in audio ever since.

A physical copy of IT could knock out a grown man and it’s one of the longest audiobooks out there with a total runtime of 45 hours. Listening to an audiobook is a great way of reading the never-ending book you’re determined to finish, and they’re also far lighter to carry around.

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Too many actors can spoil an audiobook (Lincoln in the Bardo springs to mind) but when the narrative voices are divided up into definitive sections, such as with a short story collection, then the book can really shine. Juliet Stephenson reads one of my favourite of Dahl’s stories about a wife who gets away with murder and excellent actors Richard Griffiths and Derick Jacobi make an appearance among others in this creepy collection.

Winner of the Audible Sounds of Crime Award, 2017

I have recommended this book so many times over but I cannot emphasise enough how completely Rachel Atkins (The Archers) chillingly portrays the murderer in this startling thriller. Listening to I See You for the first time on the district line has made me continually move carriages ever since. Everyone has a routine…but is someone watching your every move? This is the book you wish was an ITV drama and is worth your first free credit as a new subscriber if you like to be kept guessing until the very end…

Louise Newton is an Audio Assistant at Little, Brown Book Group, and works across all imprints at Little, Brown on fiction and non-fiction titles. Louise is London Chair for the Society of Young Publishers (SYP) and assists the Royal Society of Literature at their events.