March is Rights Month on BookMachine: What is happening?

During Rights Month we will zoom in on buying and selling rights. If you are keen to take the next steps in your career in rights, or are interested in permissions and acquiring rights, then tune in for the latest insights from the community.

Wednesday 4th March, 1pm

Live interview with Polly Silk (International Rights Manager, Oxford University Press)

In this live interview we will ask Polly her tips for communicating across different divisions and will also discuss book fairs and the changing roles of rights teams.

Register for the Polly Silk interview here.

Wednesday 18th March, 1pm

Live interview with Justyna Pezik (Senior Rights Manager, Arcturus Publishing Limited)

We will ask Justyna about managing vast workloads, book fairs and answer your questions too.

Register for the Justyna Pezik interview here.

Tuesday 24th March, 1.15pm

Acquiring the Right Rights

Future proof your publishing businesses and ensure you can seize new opportunities quickly by making sure you acquire the right rights!

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On the blog this week

7 little things your rights colleagues wish you knew

It’s an exciting, fast-changing, and often highly profitable area of the industry but in some cases not much is known about what it is that a Rights department does and why. 

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