Leading design agency shares their secrets to reducing costs in new White Paper

This week EMC Design launched a White Paper: “Managing your design processes within publishing and how to save costs”, written by the company’s founder, Mike Cryer. The paper has been created to shed light on the design process and help publishing professionals better understand how to work with freelancers, the information they need and how to cut and manage costs effectively.

Mike says: “In 27 years of working with books, we have come across just about every situation imaginable. We hope that by sharing our experiences on paper, that we can help publishers and designers across the industry to continue to create well-designed books, whilst keeping everyone in the process engaged and motivated with clear lines of communication between teams.”

Whether a publisher is working with a freelance designer or a design agency there are events that occur outside of agreed contracts that often result in escalating costs. In the paper, Mike highlights those situations and how to avoid them. The paper covers everything that a designer can be asked to do outside the agreed scope of a project, why it is essential to create good working practices, how to write a strong and comprehensive brief and it provides a deeper understanding of the production process.

As outsourcing elements of the publishing process becomes exponentially more common, publishers need new skills to manage the complexities of this. Drawing on his years of experience the aim of the paper is to teach publishers how to ensure that outsourcing work is not only cost effective, but also builds and maintains long lasting working relationships.

The work includes contributions from: Scott Parker, Global Design Director, ELT at Cambridge University Press; Nina Reeves, Senior Visual Designer at Pearson English; Victoria Peters, Production Manager at Jessica Kingsley Publishers; Sarah Silver, Editor/Publisher at Hachette Children’s Group.

Mike Cryer is the founder of EMC Design which was established 27 years ago. The company now employs 22 designers and five publishing services professionals and has over 25 regular publishing clients including the top educational publishers both the UK and the US.

“Managing Your Design Processes Within Publishing and How to Save Costs” will be available to download for free in PDF format here: https://bookmachine.org/product/managing-design-processes-within-publishing-save-costs-white-paper/

Alongside the publication of the paper, EMC Design and BookMachine will host an event in London on 18th October on the design briefing process.