Book Marketing Survey identifies the top 5 book promotional services

book marketing

The latest Book Marketing Survey carried out by KindleBookReview provides a number of interesting insights into the best ways self-published authors should be promoting their ebooks. With over 300 indie authors participating in the survey, questions ranged from the best places to seek book reviews to how much money authors spend on promoting their books each year. In the second release of the survey, KindleBookReview asks authors about the best places to advertise their books, with recommended best practices to get the best from these book promoters.

The main take-aways

  • The majority of authors (68%) recommend using book promotion services to advertise their book.
  • 43% of authors in the survey often or occasionally use book promotion services to gain sales, downloads, reviews of their books.
  • The top 5 recommended promotional services all score over 60% in being “strongly recommended” or “recommended” by the authors in the survey.
  • The top 5 recommended book promotional services are BookBub, KindeBookPromotions, Ereadersnewstoday,, Honorable mentions also go out to BookGorilla, Pixel of Ink and Freebooksy.
  • The top target audience sought by authors are “readers in my book genre who will purchase and review my book”.

Best Practices for authors in 2016

The results of this survey clearly indicate that book promotion services are a great way to advertise and promote your books.

The survey also looks at some of the best practices to ensure your book is accepted by these services. Many of them have waiting lists due to their popularity, and consequently have strict criteria for the books they decide to promote. So to get the best out of these services and be accepted by them, please follow the top 10 tips provided by KindleBookReview.

The full report is available here.