Nielsen ISBN store a hit

After nearly 50 years of promoting and selling ISBNs and prefixes to publishers in the UK & Ireland via a manual process, Nielsen has launched an online store that enables publishers and self- published authors to go to one site and purchase ISBNs, Book2Look widgets and a subscription to their BookData Enhanced service, enabling publishers to enrich their title records.

Publishers and self-published authors can purchase these services 24/7 enabling them to work and shop at their convenience.

Stephen Long, Global Director Discovery and Commerce Solutions commented: “The ISBN is a critical part of the book trade and I am delighted that the Nielsen ISBN Store has been so well received. Our aim is to offer all our clients a fast and efficient way of purchasing ISBNs and the online store compliments the expertise of the ISBN agency staff.”

Stella Griffiths, Executive Director of the International ISBN Agency recently wrote an article on the importance of the ISBN: “Unique ISBNs aid discovery and disambiguation; they can also contribute to the marketing process by highlighting specific qualities in a publication, for example differentiating between product form details (e.g., whether a book is in PDF or EPUB formats), or between the accessibility options available for those with reading or print impairment.” The full article can be read here.

Read about the ISBN store here: