5 Questions for Núria Pérez Olid [INTERVIEW]

Núria Pérez Olid GlobalBook is an international project that connects the entire book publishing chain, giving publishers more data about how sales are achieved, and the intelligence to do better. In this short interview Fabrizio Luccitti, asks Núria Pérez Olid (Chairwoman) more about their work, and plans for the future.



1. Global Book applies ‘economic intelligence to the book sector’; could you please tell us more?

To make smart decisions you need data and Globalbook aims to provide “timely” data about how sales are achieved, for any title in any store or in any geographical area.

2. How do you advise customers on how to analyse and interpret your data?

Globalbook’s interface is very simple and it is designed for small and medium companies that do not have HR resources to do a sales analysis. For instance, only by obtaining the 6 indicators that Globalbook gives, a small publisher can assess its position in the market at any time: 1 Sales in units, 2 Sales in Euros, 3 Efficiency, 4 Coverage, 5 Stock, 6 Profitability (By area, PoS, Title)

3. How is collaboration important in providing such detailed data to the industry?

Globalbook can be defined as a project of co-experiences: collaboration, cooperation, co-creation, coordination. The industry is starting to understand that it is necessary to share in order to compete and this represents a deep cultural change, but a necessary one.

4. Do you think your services will prompt marketing departments to design highly ‘local’ marketing strategies?

We believe so, as this is what publishers we are working with have reported. They see us as an essential tool for the twenty-first Century, which enables them to make more intelligent decisions. We are also able to extend these services globally.

5. Do you plan to offer your data sets to self-published authors and literary agents as well? 

Yes. Self-published authors and literary agents will be able to use a temporary version of our technology, in order to get specific information from point of sale, within a specific campaign period.

GlobalBook are sponsoring BookMachine Barcelona on 25th September. You can sign up here to meet their team, and to hear speaker Julieta Lionetti’s talk on On How Freakin’ Techies Taught Me To Love Literature Again.




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