The power of colour for your brand

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Webinar date | June 25, 3:00 pm BST

Join Rebecca Swift and Laurie Pressman as they take a look into the psychology of color choice and see how you can use that information to select the right imagery.

Could you be doing more with your image choices?

Used wisely, color is vitally important and is an instant attention-grabber that succinctly gets the message across. And as our society becomes more visual than ever, the proper use of color is becoming more and more important. In this free webinar, experts from iStock by Getty Images and the Pantone Color Institute™ will walk you through the power and psychology of color and then explain how you can use this information to find images that better engage your audience.

Meet the speakers

Rebecca Swift is one of the founding members of the Getty Images creative research team, responsible for building collections on iStock by Getty Images. She works with photographer communities, plans and arranges photo shoots, and runs global research projects that investigate the future of visual communications. In addition, Rebecca acts as a visual brand consultant for global corporations.

Laurie Pressman leads the business and creative strategy for the PANTONE Color Institute. She has over 20 years of experience in product development and merchandising for fashion and home furnishings brands and retailers.

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