1. […] Why Curation Beats Search (BookMachine) “Every year there are a million new books published in English. That is officially published books around the world. They have an ISBN. Every year, we are adding 1,000,000 books to the sum total of what there is to read. Of course, that’s compounding on all the books that are out there already… Then there is the vast, vast demi-monde of books that are published unofficially, they don’t have an ISBN. No one know quite the number that is, but it will substantially increase on the million figure, maybe double it, maybe more.” […]

  2. Great article pointing to a very real problem. Still, I think “curation” per se isn’t the end of the road, or a complete solution.

    The problem with “search” is you have to know what you are looking for.
    The problem with curation is that the curator’s taste is unlikely to align with my own on a regular basis ( and I don’t have time to keep up with what all of them are writing about).

    I think the future is in the marriage of the two. I call it “personalized curation”. Aggregate what the curators are writing about – keeping in mind there’s hundreds or thousands (or more) high quality curators. Then personalized the results to my individual tastes. I’ve implemented a version of that for books in a book discovery engine called The Hawaii Project, but the principle is very broad and can apply to all forms of media…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. The problem with curation is that the curator’s taste is unlikely to align with my own

    As a reader, I’m delighted with the amount of self/independent published books that have made their ways into my hands. Quite a lot of them would have been stopped by the traditional publishing gatekeepers (“curators”) who simply didn’t like the genre, felt a genre was outmoded, etc. Let me — the reader — decide for myself.

    Sure, there’s a fair amount of inexpertly written/edited books from self/independent publishers, but I could say that about traditionally published books to. In fact, the traditional publishers have converged into offering a single flavor of book (regardless of genre) that I haven’t purchased a new book from them in years. But, “the vast, vast demi-monde of books that are published unofficially” gets lots of my money on a regular basis simply due to the wide variety and fresh voices.

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