Meet the newest member of the BookMachine team!

It’s an exciting week here at BookMachine, as Connie Baxter-Mulvenna, a recent English Literature graduate of Trinity College Dublin, has just joined us as our new Marketing & Design Assistant.

Connie will be working closely with Aimee Dewar (Marketing & Design Manager) across our social media channels. You can interact with our expanding team here on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

With a combination of tasks to crack on with – from creating organic social media content, to writing copy and assisting with asset design – we are looking forward to introducing Connie to all our community members over the next few months!

Connie says, “I’m so delighted to join the Bookmachine team as their Marketing & Design Assistant. BookMachine is my first graduate role, and I think it is the perfect place to embark on my career. I can’t wait to get to know our members!”

Aimee Dewar says: “I’m so pleased to be working with Connie across our community projects – from our social media and monthly mixers for members, to blog content and bigger campaigns around our video courses. Connie has already brought such great insight and new ideas into everything we do and I’m looking forward to growing the community even more with her help.”

About the BookMachine Community

BookMachine is a community hub and app for publishing professionals, and has been bringing people in the industry together since 2010. We provide industry connections and skills training to help anyone working in and around book publishing to develop in their careers, build their knowledge and expand their network. As part of the community, you can tap into online and in-person events, take publishing courses and access an online network of hundreds of members from wherever you are – whether you’re office-based or working remotely, freelance or in-house (or a bit of both!), starting a side hustle or hoping to find your next opportunity.

Want to join us? Find out more about our membership options here.


  1. Yay – welcome to the team @conniebaxtermulvenna ! I’m personally thrilled to be working with you, and hope our community enjoys getting to know you, too.

  2. Thank you @aimeebug16 – I’m really enjoying it all so far, and that’s completely down to you and the friendliest team!

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