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Want to know more about book publishing? Ask an Agony Aunt/Uncle

In August 2016 BookMachine invited a group of publishing-savvy professionals to join its editorial board. This, in short, means that it’s not just the 3 of us (Sam, Laura, Norah) who are thinking about how to publish the best ideas insights about the industry on the site – there is now a group of experienced insiders working on this.

Sophie O’Rourke shares brilliant ideas for the Design Channel; Julia Garvey and Claire Maxwell inspire the Marketing and Publicity Channel; Ken Jones guides the content on the Production Channel; Abbie Headon energises the Editorial Channel and Emma Barnes is the expert on the Tech Channel.

The channels are crammed with tips, interviews, insights and advice that you can dip into throughout your publishing career.

We thought you might also have your own questions though; things that have been niggling you – questions you would like answered. It might be that you really don’t understand how the IDPF impacts decisions around ebook formation, or how best to start a marketing campaign. Perhaps there is something really basic you feel you should have mastered; or a high-level idea you’d like explored on the site.

If this is the case, please drop us a line and we will pass this onto the Editorial Board to answer in a blog post. We look forward to your questions! Click here to ask us.

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Laura Summers

Laura Summers

Co-founder of @bookmachine - the network for forward-thinking #publishing folks; and BookMachine Works - the fresh new creative agency for publishers

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